Cloud Computing Guide

Cloud computing, an internet based computing where software, shared resources and information are served to devices such as computers, electricity grid. In this details about how the work is getting done is hidden from its users. It describes a new consumption, delivery and supplement model for IT services. It is kind of by-product that provide access to remote sites accessible through internet. Practically applications area of cloud computing not limited. It is latest technology in market.

First here I am asserting few things over her. Cloud computing would not work without SOA.

All you need to do is just decomposing its architecture into possible functional primitive and after doing this build it up as group of easy-to-access capabilities which encompasses the asset of right cloud. Second, there is nothing new about cloud computing. Cloud computing should not be weird concept for those who are charged for leveraging cloud computing. It’s been a part of our world, it evolved for many years, with different names through the evolution, but concept is still same. Let’s talk in context of SOA, the efficient use of cloud computing, it is more about processes and people instead of hype and technology. It is all about changing our thinking about systems and software and their delivery. Cloud computing is about how you do it and SOA is about what you do. There is a very strong link between SOA and cloud computing.

The cloud computing helps you to contract and expand your costs in proportion to your requirements. Moreover, cloud computing shifts some kind of the risks, growing your IT resources. It also uses high level abstraction for those who choose IT resources delivered by cloud computing provider. And always mind that it is not for everywhere. Sometimes it is required to match and mix services for enterprises architecture.

Now let’s come to the purpose of article. Let’s continue the discussion we began above for our purposes. As we know it is possible that IT resources can be made available over the internet. These IT resources are provided as services on some subscription basis which can be contracted or expanded at any instant of time according to the user’s need. This may comprises of database services, platform services, and storage services, testing services, information services, security services and many more. As well anyone can go for data stored in data centre that can be got from internet.

If you are thinking that you have watched this movie earlier then you are right. Cloud computing is created on time sharing model people got many years back when it was not affordable to get our own computer. The idea of sharing computation power among many people and company reduced the overall cost of power of computing for those who got it. Now-a-days resources are much better than that time and are cost-effective too. Moreover these resources can be matched to form some solutions that were almost not possible with old-fashioned timesharing model. There’s nothing to get frightened from the cloud computing, certainly it should be

Thus, there is nothing to fear from cloud computing. Indeed, it should be convenient to leverage IT resources which you need not to maintain.

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